Arroyo Hondo Santo Domingo RD

Inspired by nature and good living within the city, Canvas by Pedralbes was born, a family project located on Paseo del Este street in the Arroyo Hondo Viejo Sector.

Conceptualized as an urban refuge within the city, in which a park will be developed in the center of the project to exercise and recreate.

This green space will provide warmth and sensory experiences through nature, seeking to generate a different atmosphere for its future inhabitants, providing a place to live and at the same time recreational spaces just one step away.


  • Close to the city center.
  • One or two parking spaces, depending on the unit.
  • Surveillance camera systems that control access, perimeters and common areas of the project.
  • Yoga area.
  • Private pool in the social area of the first level. Large terrace in the pool area.
  • Total coverage power plant.
  • Fire extinguishers and cabinets for fire suppression. Intercom systems / Electric gates.
  • Common supply systems (common gas and water).
  • Fully equipped gym.
  • Co-working space equipped with work equipment.
  • Electrical charging terminal.
  • Movie theater.
  • Central park.
  • Pet Station.
  • Children’s play area.
  • Lobby and all areas professionally equipped and decorated.
  • Wi-Fi and sound system in all common social areas of the project.



Apt prices starting at $153,000

Price and availability, as well as terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.


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